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On this page you will find some concepts, which implemented correctly, by the right person, at the right time, may have a significant financial impact for “someone”.  Depending on the concept, that “someone” could be an owner, a beneficiary(s),a partner, or a company.  Please understand the information provided here is not all inclusive, but is to help give you a basic understanding.  Only after an in-depth analysis of your situation can a particular concept be recommended or not.   

The first step is to decide what your goals are.

Then, if you live in Missouri or Arkansas, and would like more information or like to see how one of these concepts might work for your situation, fill out the "I Want Information" form, call, or email me.

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  •  Income and Asset Recovery Solution:  This is a fantastic concept for people who want or need an ongoing, even increasing, income from their assets but still want to make sure the asset is replenished, partly replenished, or in some cases even continues to grow.

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Asset Recovery Solution" works

  • Split Annuity:  This concept is great for people who like to take the interest earnings and leave the principal intact, but have been frustrated by constantly changing rates.

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  • Stretch IRA:  The concept is for people who don't see themselves using their IRA and want their beneficiaries to receive a substantial gain on it.

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